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February 04, 2007


How happy I am that I'm not married to Pollan but to an Italian so that I can drink dark, strong espresso a go go!

Now, that's what I call coffee!

I find this post a bit strange since, as far as I know, Tammy hasn't had a cup of coffee since 2002 when we went to Spain.

In fact, she eschews all forms of caffeine with the exception of chocolate.

Therefore I must take umbrage at the non-sincerity of this post. Tammy can only redeem herself by joining me for a steamy cup o joe when I get home tonite.

Does that mean you're taking me on a romantic trip to Europe without the kids for said steamy cup? Woo hoo!

By the way, your guerilla-comment-posting is giving away your caffeination level.

At least he READS your blog! Mine doesn't even do that unless I lead him to the computer and sit him in the chair with the post already on the screen. Sheesh.

Twasn't always this way. Once I began mentioning his embarrassing hobbies, he suddenly started taking an active interest!

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