• Fresh New England desserts for all seasons.

  • Cozy, cold-weather desserts made with seasonal winter ingredients.

  • Hilarious coded puzzles featuring the funniest comics on Twitter.

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February 17, 2007


I love this project, and I love the cookbooks, and I love Nonni! I'm going to drive to New Haven and show up on her doorstep so she can cook for me. Yum.

Thanks for sharing this.

Great picture! Great write-up!

Dora is so pretty in that picture. You're lucky you have pictures of your family. Good write up!

I know, she's totally cute. This picture is pretty washed out, as you can see, but it's one of my favorites.

Tammy's anecdote concerning the Marchigiano Club is based on my memory as a little boy living with my grandparents for about six months in 1956. On the Saturdays when my grandmom had lots to do and didn't need me underfoot, my granddad would take me to the club where he would buy me a Hershey Bar and then spend the rest of the time talking Italian with his friends. I would be bored and spend my time running around the bar stools and in and out of the trough that existed at the foot of the bar. My granddad would yell at me using the Italian word for "urinate", which I didn't understand at the time (my mom would explain it to me later). The trough, of course, was there to dispose of spilled beer: however, some of the club's membership evidently weren't adverse to using it for other types of runoff.

Dad - you should have your own blog! Seriously!

I know. What do you say, Dad? We can have dueling blogs.

Thanks, but then I wouldn't have the time to eat all those delicious meals and desserts Tammy makes for me!

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