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February 06, 2007


1) I disagree with your argument that the short, non-buxom, bespectacled among us are precluded from fame. And so would Tina Fey.

2) Might I suggest a tiered pricing system for your recipes -- perhaps one of your lesser works for free, then subscription-only access to others. This premium-content system has worked for media outlets as diverse as the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, the Columbia Record Club (the first 12 recipies are just a penny!) and milfhunter.com.

Much as you can't argue with milfhunter.com's business plan, it doesn't have quite the same *stickin' it to the Man* quality as giving it away for free.

Also, Tina Fey was a writer before she became a celebrity. The requirement now is that you become a celebrity before you can write. At least for cookbooks. The rules may not be as strict for obituaries.

I'm so excited to read, to cook (to burn, to scorch)! Hooray online cookbook! Hooray Tammy!

Bravo! Well done and boy do these recipes bring back memories!! I absolutely loved the pictures too!! I grew up in an italian family from the Hamden/North Haven area and my husband's family came from New Haven. Although I haven't lived in Connecticut since the early 1980's, I do go back several times a year to visit family and, of course, for the food!
One recipe I am trying so very hard to get...it's a certain pastry - only found in New Haven area bakeries. I'm not sure if this is the correct name/spelling but thought you might know: Boggienauts (spelled phonetically). They are small vanilla or chocolate pies. The pie crust covers the entire pie so you can't tell which is chocolate and which is vanilla. Bakeries generally put dusting confec powder on the vanilla. Can you help?

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