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January 28, 2007


It's a little bit too much off my way to the supermarket but maybe I should give it a go! The fact that they have sandwiches with meatloaf on made it! Must me the testosterone in me... (what an ugly discovery to make about yourself on a Monday morning)

My husband and I were just talking about compiling a list of places we should try (eat-wise), to which we could bring the small one. In fact, if you wanted a second semi-reguar feature (because you must keep the pseudo-chef because I have a question every other week) you could ponder kid-friendly places that actually serve good food (not knocking Applebee's). I would read it. And I have a whole group of moms up here on the NoSho that would, too!

Good idea, squeezyB. I'll give that some thought.

Ilva, I'm not sure it's worth the uncomfortable drive from scenic Tuscany, but if you're ever in Boston with the kids, and get very lost...

Thank God you came out of your ordeal in one piece! I'll never eat there... but, hey! I never leave Iowa!!! Glad you guys are OK.

Sounds like Strawberry Fair could be in small town Alabama. My kind of place. I will most definately stop in when I'm in Norwell.
I understand the serve a yummy breakfast in addition to that manly meatloaf. Worth a trip to the South Shore!

Strawberry Fair is not too far off Route 3 at Exit 14. (corner of Route 53) We have been eating there for years. The food is all home made and delicious. Award winning clam chowder. Yes the decor is "cute" but that is part of its charm. It's the type of restaurant where people are busy chatting, catching up with family and friends - not a formal or stuffy restaurant. Homemade pot roast, chicken te amo (chicken with raspberries), steaks, sandwiches, salads, great desserts. There are specials every day. You won't be disappointed.

Norwell? Car dealerships? Sure you're not confusing it with Norwood and the Auto Mile? Norwell prides itself on its quaintness and historical homes... there are a few car dealerships near the highway, but it's not the flavor of this little pre-revolutionary town at all! Meanwhile, I'm headed to try this restaurant next week!

What kind of idiot grew up on S. shore and has never been to Norwell and professes ignorance of it as a real place? And then we're expected to take seriously their review???!!! Go back to East Bridgewater or whatever other moron town you come from. Hanover, Norwell, Scituate, Duxbury, Hingham, Cohasset, Plymouth, Pembroke; that is the South Shore!!!!!!!!!

P.S.Strawberry Fair is lousy and dirty to boot if you pay attention to detail.

That was some kind of an experience.. Phew. Good thing the baby didn't wake up.. :) Thanks for sharing your experience at the restaurant.

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