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January 23, 2007


And what about us Swedish FEMALe 'chefs'? Do we have to grow a moustache?

No, those would be the ITALIAN female chefs with the mustaches. I'm working on a little one of my own!

I was so hoping I had a Swedish reader or two (I love your blog, by the way).

I hate those meatball-eating, IKEA-shopping, Saab-driving, Abba-listening-to Swedes!

No, not really. I would imagine there aren't too many hate crimes committed against Swedes, but I could be wrong.

Don't forget, they used to terrorize the European coast, back when they were known as the Vikings! O the atrocities!

Who wants to go back to Sodertalje?? I lived there for 10 yrs and I NEVER went back...

Is this a private conversation? Or can anyoe join? LOL I forgot about the Swedish Chef! I love that guy!! Thanks for the laugh this morning Tammy.

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