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January 22, 2007


I sometimes get nervous from all the pressure involved with big-deal dining (money, reservations, see'n'be seen, etc.), which totally screws up my digestion. Oh, yeah, and the part where I forget to chew.
But it doesn't sound like what's happening to you.

Say it loud, I've got an intestinal ailment and I'm proud!

Seriously, I have this problem too, although it doesn't sound as bad as yours. I just can't eat too many different flavors at one sitting, if I do, its full oral jet propulsion. Yes, I'm attractive.

It's like the vomitorium of ancient Rome! I guess the pleasure is in the tasting, not the digesting - it doesn't sound like it ruins the experience for you.

I wouldn't be as cool about it as you are - it sounds like you take it in stride, but throwing up makes me totally cry and be a huge baby. I'd rather suffer through HOURS of feeling gross than throw up for 3 minutes and get it over with.

Heath, don't be fooled. I don't exactly take it in stride while it's going on. I still feel the dread, prolong the inevitable, if possible. But once you're on track, there's no stopping it, for me anyway. Might as well laugh about it later (much later).

CC, CP, and J, I salute you!

I always feel ill and can't eat when we go out to dinner. And when we go on holiday it's even worse - weeks of feeling nauseous and miserable. I don't think it's anything like your problem though - mine is just nerves.

Have you ever been checked for food allergies? Food allergies often present themselves with the body "rejecting" the offending food. Worth a try... but ask yourself this question first... are you willing to give up dairy, soy, nuts, eggs and/or wheat? As they are the most common offenders!!!

BTW... I don't meet many other Tammy's! You must have been born in either the mid to late sixties or the early 70's. I'm 1968!!!

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