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January 07, 2007


Carolyn shared *your* link with me! I mostly share your Food Network opinions, though the addition of Nigella on Sundays is swaying me. I'm a wee bit obsessed with her at present.

You know, I came this close to writing, *except for Nigella.* Thanks for stopping by!

That's so funny! The only food TV I can bear to watch is Nigella (and I can't even deal with much of her). My only exception is that I do watch Food TV when I'm a prisoner for three or six hours on a JetBlue flight with DirectTV...

Might as well, you certainly can't eat.

Actually, I've never flown JetBlue. How dare I assume their food is crap?

I love ALL of your reasons not to read your blog and they will keep me coming back...although I am a friend of tomatoes that taste like tomatoes. (I'm a new Californian and have not quite gotten over the novelty of flavorful produce.)

I understand. Food Network is an aquired taste! I only watch it for Alton Brown. It seems that, unlike everybody else, I don't enjoy watching Nigella.

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