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January 17, 2007


Well, I'll share some long-repressed shame of my own ... note I am posting here rather than on my own blog (Rich can confirm most of these):

*Fat church organist, 1985-1988 (sophomore-senior years in high school, amazingly the girls didn't dig the combination of being portly and uber-religious); luckily, Crohn's Disease made me an emaciated church organist from 1988-1989

*Once owned a Members' Only knockoff jacket with the word "Wolfman" where it should have said "Members' Only"; tried to mark out the "Wolfman" part in black ink (1984)

*Christmas Ball date told me she was sick, went with someone else (1986)

*Memorized the license plates of everyone on my block (1976)

That's it for now.

Dude, I just finished off my third box of Samoas like an hour ago... now I'm on to the thin mints even though I think they suck.

Aw, dang. I didn't get chosen for the pep squad. Does that mean I was dumb enough but too flat-chested to be a cheerleader?

CC - A twenty went a long way towards overlooking dumbness back then (a better bargain than the $100 required to overlook flat-chestedness).

Samoan/Hawaiian - Sometimes it's not about deliciousness, but rather what happens to be around. I'll scarf thin mints in a pinch. Cold.

Therapy/Paxil - that license plate thing explains a lot.

Also, Dancing Deer would like to point out that their cookies contain 100% pure groove. My mistake.

At least you can stand when your mouth clicks out! I have a knee that does the same, renders me motionless flat on my back until SOMEONE ELSE snaps it back. Try getting a 3 year old to do that! :)

I've never known anyone else to wear The Bionator. I suddenly feel far less freakish - thank you!

So glad I could help, xsquared.

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