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January 19, 2007


I made these once. Not the Saveur recipe; it was an old Time-Life cookbook. Isn't it amazing that you can make dumpling wrappers from mere flour and water?
Ya-hah. Good goin'.
(Oh, I can't stop now. Must tell you: I bragged about my pot stickers to one of the food editors at Sunset magazine. She said "Why on earth would you make your own when you can just buy them?" I was, frankly, dumbfounded. Cuz they're good?)

Mmm, dumplings. I like them with dried day lilies and shredded mushrooms (shiitake, wood ears, and black mushrooms are all good), too. Is that the top shown in the picture, or a side? The way I have helped cook them, we packed them into a pan with the pinched-together side up.

Well, Noami, that sounds mighty tasty. In my pic, they're sort of diagonally piled up, so it's more of a top view. You can probably cook a lot more at a time your way. Interesting. Not as much surface area browned, though, probably. Hmmm, this requires some further calculations...

CC - Mere flour and water amaze me daily. Cruel, cruel, yet amazing gluten. (I guess Sunset doesn't know what's good!)

These dumplings are super-fantastic. Especially with the 50-50 vinegar-soy sauce mix for dipping!

My only complaint is that Tammy only cooks 3 of them for me at a time! Booo!

Yesterday, you got four!

Hmm, the potsticker recipe I use requires boiling water. Ouch to work with. I wonder if it makes a difference in the dough? I like to avoid second degree burns, but I bear with it for the sake of dumplings.

Now, that's a question I don't really know the answer to. My guess would be, maybe. But since testing it out would require experiencing that burning sensation, I'll just pretend like you never asked.

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