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January 03, 2007


YUCK. I thought they were simply ice cream balls, Bon bons minus the crackly coating. I opened the chocolate Mochi and didnt really like the gummy outside, but liked the chocolate ice cream, so ate them all myself. (I can't open anything salty or sweet without eating the entire thing.)

Then I ate four mango balls one night when the dinner options (baby food, pasta without sauce) were un-tempting. That night the norovirus struck. My toilet was full of Mochi-spew.

I could BARELY get through your blog. They will forever in my mind be tied to that awful sick night.

Just to gross you out.

The rest are still in my freezer, I can't even look at them long enough to throw them out. Seriously.

Gummy...that's the perfect adjective. And you're right, the ice cream inside is actually pretty good. Going down, at least.

Stupid noroviruses. They ruin everything.

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