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January 10, 2007


That might be *wrong*.
Have you thought about that?

Those cookies were really really good!

I came across your blog on David Lebovitz's blog scroll post; seeing that you too are also from Boston I had to check out your blog and I am so glad I did; you writing is so funny, you crack me up.

I saw the link for Andy Husband's book on your blog as well. He's my neighbor, but I never see him because he's always at the restaurant.

I'll definitely be adding you to my list of favorite blogs.

CC, I knew I could count on you to steer me in the right direction.

Thanks, Hubby. I wish I could claim any kind of credit.

Julie, welcome. You just might be my tenth reader. Woo hoo!

And they have toffee in them too? Could those cookies be any better? The answer is yes, with ice cream... and you've done that too!

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