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January 25, 2007


AAH! I can't tell you how excited this makes me! So excited that on this 22-degree day, I plan on running out to the grocery to buy Teddie PB and one banana so I can have this for dinner.


This reminds me of when I was training for the marathon a few years ago. At the end of our long training runs my friend G (that's actually what I call him, what up, G?) used to make me the best best strawberry peanut butter smoothies - so awesome.

Marathon? Are you crazy, woman? Of course, you could probably down 4-5 smoothies at a time with that kind of metabolism. On second thought, J, you're pure genius.

It's worth it squeezyB. Enjoy!

No booze? Pshaw.
Ah, well. I can fix that.
I'm thinking Jackie D.
Peanut butter mudslide.


I can confirm that the recipe is barely enough for one! But then again, in my younger days I could put away one of those original Awful Awful's at Friendly's and have a go at the second one you got free if you could finish the first!

Was the Awful Awful the equivalent of a Fribble back in the olden days?

Funny! The promotion on the Awful Awful was that you couldn't finish it (hence the second one free if you did). The Fribble is a mere shadow of what the bigger and thicker Awful Awful used to be circa 1965.

hey - Im a fan of old food and food packaging/advertising - does anybody have images of old Awful Awful ads or glasses - or possibly know how far back the Fribble goes back at Friendlies - thanks
Pete (mankatt@aol.com)

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