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January 13, 2007


I can’t wait to read the comments on this one. Especially from my dad, who expects a hot meal (cooked by his daughter) to be waiting for him after a long day of being retired. Not sure how that works.

I'm pretty sure that were I the working father in that situation (aka "the lucky one") I would be afraid to ask my stay-at-home wife for something as simple as the time, for fear that she would snap and kill me.

I realize that I am selling out my gender here, but the days of being able to leverage the "I earn a paycheck" chit as vastly superior to the "I am running the whole damn house and the chaos within it" chit are pretty much done.

Then again, I am deathly afraid of my own wife, so perhaps I am not the best one to comment on this.

(I'm not sure what a puzzle business is -- is it some sort of Amway thing?)

First paragraph should read "working father employed outside of the home." Stay-at-home moms are also working moms.

The editor regrets the error.

Actually, I changed my mind. My response only applies to mainland folks. If you live in Hawaii, quit your whining.

How unfair!! I DO NOT expect a hot meal every evening! Heck, I couldn't get that when I was married! BTW, who was that lady from HI? For some reason she seems familiar!

My husband expects and gets a hot meal on the table when he comes in from work.

Granted, when the kids were smaller that hot meal was often something very simple, but still,like you say, he's the one doing the hours in the cubicle.

Ash, god bless you. I'll make you a deal... I'll put you up in a place here in Maui and you can make sure my husband gets a hot morsel.

Here are my thoughts. I've spent the past 11 years working full time AND being a mom, cooking dinner, doing dishes, laundry, going to school, etc. So, his turn.

Really, I wouldn't have even made an issue about it and would still be in the kitchen, barefoot and looking pregnant and cooking him a delicious meal, but he told me to my face that he "expected" a hot meal on the table when he came home. And anyone who knows me knows that using that kind of vile language in my presence gets you nowhere.

Now I'm going to the beach and when I get home there better be a hot meal waiting for me. Hee hee :)

Hahaha, Hawaiin Whiner, love the attitude! I would also be much put off if my husband said something about expecting it. If I have dinner ready for him, it's because I want to do it, not because he says I have to!

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