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January 04, 2007


Isn't that what plastic screwcaps are for?

"jabbing a paring knife into the cork and twisting it manually"

See now, that's where there would be trouble in my house, as my best friend recently described me as 'accident prone'. Accident prone? me? http://www.lifebeginsat30.com/jen/2006/12/this_is_a_littl.html

Thanks for your great blog - it's seriously keeping me entertained. And happy 2007!

It never fails - on Christmas - the $100.00 French Cab - and the cork strips, breaks or falls into the bottle. The angle trick usually works. Either way, here is some advice for sifting out pieces of cork from your prized (coveted) possession:

1) If you get the cork out but pieces of cork are left in the wine, pour the wine through a cheesecloth or coffee filter to remove the cork.

2) If the cork is undeniably destroyed, the easiest thing to do is push it in. Pour the wine through a cheesecloth or coffee filter to remove the pieces of cork.

Of course, to avoid embarrassment and a scene over "Le Produit de la Seine," be forthright about it. Involve your guests in the filtration process. Filter it into a measuring cup and pour into a decanter. Make it fun rather than a snafu.

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