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January 08, 2007


I hear your pain.
I wrote a letter to Food & Wine about why they and their prestigious selves would print a recipe for butterscotch pudding that used artificial chips.
A lot of my readers had been outraged too. But they did not print my letter.

(do you remember how to make pate a choux? this dough makes excellent doughnuts...)

The problem with Dunkin' Doughnuts is that they all taste alike, which is bizarre. One expects a chocolate glazed doughnut to taste like chocolate...not like a brown crayon dipped in high Frankenfructose corn syrup. Their coffee still rocks, however.

Carol, your brown crayon assessment is right on. Just perfect.

Shuna, it's a plague. The chefs here do the same thing. I'm not kidding. Is it so hard to make butterscotch taste like butterscotch without the chips? Don't know. But, perhaps this is a subject that should be blogged.

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