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December 19, 2006


The non-dissolving coffee grounds was a double tragedy since valuable caffeine was needlessly wasted.

I don't know who this respectable food blogger is who never has to throw anything away, but I think you and I should go wait for her after school in the parking lot. I actually have a category on my blog called "kitchen disasters", and while I don't really post much on it, you've just inspired me to begin to beef up that category -- in protest against the too-perfect cooks among us, as it were.

Have you ever read any Laurie Colwin? She tells a great story in either "Home Cooking" or "More Home Cooking" about a woman she knew who build her own barn, raised her own sheep, wove her own fabric, and was a magnificent cook. LC had this goddess over for a dinner which turned out to be something of a disaster, especially the dessert...anyway, I identify.

Love your blog.

And to think that your disasters are probably better than my normal fare! By the way, you didn't borrow my copy of "Subsistence Cooking Using Common Molds and Fungi Found in Your Basement", did you?

Poor, sweet, caffeineless husband. It was rough on both of us, believe me.

Julie, we're on! Parking lot, 3 p.m. I'm sure I will have baked something by then that could be used as a weapon.

Dad, I don't have your book, but I'll have to get a copy for my in-case-of-disaster survival library. Plus, I know how much you love mushrooms.

Your mistake with the lemon cookies was not consulting the US Department of Commerce's lemon-cookie-ingredient price index.

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