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December 15, 2006


Did it ever occur to you that the donuts went downhill at about the same time you stopped going to church? Evidently you just assumed that you didn't have to hold up your end of the bargain anymore.

Oh my god, you might be right. Geez, a little warning would have been nice. I mean, I got a heads-up about the whole going to hell thing, but had I known about the doughnuts...

I think it's in Leviticus 12:20: "And you will honor thy Lord each Sunday or thy local donut monopoly shalt stop trying to make good donuts."

Ah, Leviticus. Of course, the patron saint of pastries. I should have read the fine print. And the regular-sized print, too, while I was at it.

What's the Latin word for doughnut, anyway?

i testify heretoforth that one can live on coffee alone. As the God I don't believe in as my witness, coffee is food.

i love dunkin dounghts and there the best!

dunkin dounghts have the best frickkin munkins ever

Wow. I hope your addressing this to the company directly and not employees. If your addressing it to the employees than your a bitch. As a dunkin donuts employee I probably work harder than anyone else does at their high paying perfect careers. I work an 8 hour shift with no break ever making minimum wage dealing with bitchy fucking customers who will literally start screaming in my face if they dont like their coffee. employees are treated like shit and the managment sucks. I agree with you that the company itself sucks but that is of no fault of the employees that work there to keep a roof over their head. customers are so rude to the people that work there. I had a guy throw coffee over the register and ask me why i was so fucking stupid. because i made his coffee "too light" when he asked for extra extra cream. The whole thing just fucking sucks.

I don't think the writer was talking about the employees. I know exactly what she's talking about. I don't know if some of you guys were around in the era that she's referring to, but the doughnuts standards have really dropped by far. It is not the employees fault because they work with premade mixes and only follow the companies directions. However, DD really needs to get back on point!!! I have visited a few and they were just not what I expected. Very dissappointing to be exact!! So much so that I just cut them off completely.

To the employee that commented, I feel your pain because I have seen customers act like complete idiots, just like they way you explained. Dunkin Donuts really need to consider increasing your pay scales if only for the bullshit that you have to endure at the workplace. (You guys should really consider forming a worker's union)Besides it your hard work that brings in the "dough" literally!!! It's sad that they don't value the backbone of their business.

Verna's is still open, I was talked into half a dozen donuts the other day by the woman at the counter-- she literally cut into a chocolate crumb right there at the counter to 'close the deal.' I ran to my car with the box.

Couldn't agree more. Dunkin's quality fell off after the 80s. It's a shame too because they used to be so good, but they are just awful now. I think there are a variety of reasons (and did my top 5 here: http://kooztop5.blogspot.com/2011/11/top-5-reasons-im-done-with-dunkin.html), but mainly, they just simply don't maintain any quality standards.

Hello lovers and haters of DD!

As I was in church this morning, I passed through the "connections" room and absconded with a couple of Munchkins in hand. My wife and I were pleased, but I admit that DD's attempt at widening their food selection spectrum has degraded the quality of their flagship donuts. And that's what the deserve for their bieng greedy!

I've lived in Texas now for 15 years, but previously all my life in eastern Massachusetts. And chocolate honey dipped, donut or munchkin,(or an occasional chocolate croissant) was my morning wakeup with my coffee for years! Its been so long since I had one, there are no Dunkin Donuts here that I know of. But hearing how the quality has gone down, maybe thats a great thing!!! So sad when that the greatest things were when we were young. Everything these days is all for money and less for customer satisfaction!

wtf dude are you stupid dd are on fire wow something must be wrong with your tastebuds

They stopped making buttermilk donuts so I stopped going. They do suck now. our local grocery store makes better donuts and cheaper!! DD will be gone soon.

This article is dead on. Dunkin Donuts has ruined what was once known as a great american breakfast item. They have driven most mom and pop donut shops out of business. oh, and their coffee sucks too.

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