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November 13, 2012


I'm putting a canning pot/set on my wish list for Christmas (maybe I can get my mother to buy it for me). This book would be fabulous to get along with it!!

Oh, I'd like to branch out from my limited preserving experiments! Pumpkin apple butter sounds like a good place to start. I have the pumpkin, the jars and the canner--now I just need the recipe!

would love a copy to experiment more!

Hooray, giveaways! I just moved into a house with an amazing kitchen, so I finally have room to can. (I also have a vintage O'Keefe & Merritt oven that's in perfect working condition & looms brand new). Yep, I'm in heaven.

I would so love to have this book. I've got basic canning down, but am oddly intimidated by the concept of small batch canning.

Oh excellent :) I would love to have a go at canning - so far I have only done jam, and flavoured gin (sloe gin!).

Plus, I get to double my chances because I recipe-tested for you? Tammie, that is a win-win - I *loved* recipe testing for you (I only did one, but it was TASTY).
So here's to canning. hmmm. I need to find a word in the UK which people recognise for canning... preserving p'raps?

I'm a novice at this, but would love to learn more from this beautiful book.

I love Marisa's blog and would love to have a crack at more of her recipes! Fingers crossed!

A Poem for a Wednesday Morning

Foods in jars
Are better than
Moods in cars
Particularly if you drive in Boston

I would love to look through this book and gift it to my daughter for Christmas, pre-bookmarked.

I just moved my pickled green tomatoes into the fridge. Here's to hoping they're half sours.

I've been wanting this book for a while now!

i'd love to start canning with this book in hand

I could tell you I'd love to win this beautiful book to give to my beloved sister, or mother, or dental hygienist. But we both know I'd just keep it all for myself, and I respect you too much to outright lie.

Although if I did win, I could be generous about it. For example I would be okay with unselfishly (and carefully) ripping out the page with the recipe for gingery pickled beets and share it with some beet-loving friend.

... adding my obligatory recipe-tester comment. :)

Yay for canning! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! I was just thinking about all the home-canned pickles I'm going to have to pull out for Thanksgiving next week--and how I'm going to have to replenish the supply with even MORE pickles. MUAHAHA etc. :)

Looking forward to using some of my canned cranberry chutney at Thanksgiving !

I love jars, especially now that we have the Cuppow and can use them as travel mugs. Not having to store mugs and cups is a lifesaver in my miniscule kitchen!

Oooh, I get to enter twice! Another perk of recipe testing for Tammy (besides the delish recipes...). So, canning - and homemade gift giving - is one of those things on my list every year. And each year I creep a little closer to actually doing it - a little homemade this here, a little homemade that that there. But I still have a long way to go - and would love any book that provides inspiration. And directions!

And here I am again. I bought a bunch of canning jars this summer, hoping my 25 tomato plants would provide a huge bounty. But they didn't (there's my winter reading - why my tomatoes weren't as prolific as they should have been). So all those jars are mocking me each time I walk by them. They need to be filled with something good, and sent out into the world...

Small batch canning sounds like a great solution to my CSA dilemma- not enough stuff to can quarts, but too much stuff to eat in a reasonable time. My friends and family are getting used to my saying "can I bring a relish plate" to all and sundry events...

I always wanted to do food in jars but never did it. It will be a great start for me.

I'm a complete novice at canning, but I'd really like to get better. We belong to a CSA, go strawberry, blueberry, and apple picking in the summer, and I'm tried of just sticking the extra produce in the freezer for long-term storage. This cookbook looks like a perfect--and tasty--way to expand my canning skills. Yum!

It's food in a jar
Sometimes it is stinky but
At least you won't starve


It may look like goop
Or perhaps like baby poop
But hey, no nitrates!


Despite my rude poems
I really would love the book
Down with BPA!

Hmm, I commented yesterday but it doesn't seem to be here. I'm really not trying to cheat and if you find my other comment you can delete it! Would love to expand my canning repertoire with this book!

I have been making quantities of "freezer" jams and fruit butters in recent months, and am ready to branch out into canning! I would love a copy of this book.

Oh man, I would looove to have this book! I'm a member of two CSAs (I know, I know, I was crazy when I signed up), and am overwhelmed with produce. (We're currently not discussing the four cabbages I have in the fridge.) Anything I could do to spread out the harvest would be excellent. (In other words, pick me pick me pick me!!!)

I just can not get myself to eat those pickled beets I've had since 2010. Yuck. Too clove-y

Why have I always been timid to begin canning? I know that I should just dive in headfirst! This book might be just the stimulus needed...

I want to can more next summer - my mom put it away this summer, literally - maybe I can be inspired for next year!

Pick me! Pick me!

No, seriously, pick me...

I like the idea of the homemade cake mix in jar

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