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June 28, 2012


I've made it before but unless there are a bunch of people coming over to finish it all up I see no point in making Mayonnaise. It always goes bad before we get through it all when we make it ourselves. The wastefulness bothers me more than just buying a dam jar.

I tried making falafel once...ONCE and never again.

cheez whiz. I mean i'm sure i can make a much better healthier cheese (cheez?) spread, but why bother?

Any cheese that needs to be aged. I'm just kidding myself on that one. "Sure!" I say. "Homemade Camembert will be easy and fun!" Then I go to the cheese shop and buy it like a sane person.

(found your blog via the babble top 100 list, by the way)

I *love* home made corn tortillas--they are the best! But the two times I've tried to make them by hand I ended up throwing a tantrum in the kitchen (and nearly threw the effing tortilla press out the window). I can never get the darn things to peel off of the waxed paper. I give up! I have vowed never to make another attempt.

okay, fine. PRESERVES. I know it's not that hard, but i'm not doing it! I'll feel guilty about it, but i won't do it! Plus, my neighbor always brings me some :-)

Ketchup. I will never make ketchup because even though the '57 is barely food, it's the best damn thing to put on burgers and fries.

Potato chips. Rarely are they eaten in our household, and usually it's after a BBQ when there's a half-eaten bag open. But last Christmas, my in-laws all gifted one another a very fancy little plastic device designed to help you slice a fresh potato and then microwave "healthier" potato chips. An absolute sham, if you ask me. Luckily I was somehow spared the snack food blasphemy and didn't receive one!

Ranch dressing. I like the dry packet. Thanks!

Marshmallow's. People wax poetically about HOW easy they are to make, HOW much better they are than the bagged kind. But honestly, I don't care. I don't even like marshmallow's that much. Certainly not enough to make them from scratch.

Flour - not going to grind it myself. There are too many quality brands available. I'd rather use my valuable time for more fun & exotic things!

Oohh, marshmallows are better! I make them all the time. I make a lot of stuff, but if there was a recipe for those Little Debbie Nutty Bars in the book, I wouldn't touch it with a 10-foot pole. 1) They're so easy to buy and 2) they're way too easy to eat. So, in order to make them in quantities that would be worth the effort I would then have to EAT them. That ain't happening.

Lately, I've been thinking about the mayo and the ranch dressing - although the packet might be a nice compromise on that one.

This book sounds AWESOME.

My tolerance for wasting time making something myself that I could buy just as easily is really, really high. I've made ketchup, preserves, pickles, vinegar, marshmallows, cheese (not aged), mayonnaise. And beer, corned beef, pickled tongue. I haven't ground my own flour, but I could see myself doing it in some sort of Little House on the Prairie fever dream.

So I'm going with soda. I'm never going to bottle my own root beer. I don't want to put that much work into something that's that bad for me, and I want soda so rarely, I'll just buy a fancypants root beer if I get the urge.

I really, really want that book.

I think I'll have to agree on several of the above listed items, but probably mostly with the hot dog rolls. Hot dogs are supposed to be my crap-I-didn't-defrost-anything-for-dinner-pull-the-hot-dogs-and-buns-out-of-the-freezer-because-they-only-take-2-minutes-longer-when-starting-from-frozen-and-open-a-can-of-beans-while-you're-at-it last minute attempt at making something at home instead of ordering in. But rolls from scratch? There had better be something a heck of a lot better than a hot dog inside that sucker!

Definitely will never make my own mayonnaise or ketchup. Kind of like you said about the hot dog buns... if my meal involves putting mayo or ketchup on top, I'm obviously already taking the fastest way out!

Easy: Ketchup. My kids have are Heinz fanatics. There is no way I am slaving over a stove of tomatoes to have them stick out their tongues. Now, homemade buns....yum ;-)

I'm with you on the hot dog buns. I've had beans to make my own vanilla extract FOREVER, but still haven't gotten around to it. And right now, I still don't have the space/time to make ketchup or preserves ...

Tapenade, or olive bread. I don't like olives, no matter how many times I try them. If my family wants to eat good bread polluted by those briny salt balls, they can bake it themselves!

Puff pastry is one of those food that it's best to buy, because the amount of butter you have to put in it will make you weak in the arteries. Also, it takes for-freaking-ever, and is just too finicky and labor intensive.

I don't know if there is something I ABSOLUTELY won't make if I had a recipe that is easy enough. There are things I won't make because of what is in them. I have had a homemade marshmallow. I was unimpressed. It was a restaurant, and it was cold and gooey. Neither of those sensations belong on a marshmallow. So I might draw the line there. In the event I need any, it is MUCH easier to buy them, made and ready to stuff between a graham cracker and a slab of chocolate.

I was feeling like there's nothing I won't try once, but, seriously, I also feel no need to make my own ketchup or mayo. And to be perfectly honest, flour or puff pastry. I know these have all been said before, but it's true. Oh! and phyllo, and lemonade.

This is so cool to see what people are making from scratch (and not making).

The first thing that came to mind for me was Pad Thai. I tried it once and it was a disaster (although I ate the burnt, overcooked noodles anyway) and wanted to say I won't make it again, but as I was typing it here, I realize I might have to try one more time.

Then I thought... I don't own a pasta machine and wouldn't make that. However, imagining the taste of homemade pasta changed my mind on that one.

So while racking my brain, I looked around and saw Peppermint Patties. The York ones are perfect for that once-in-awhile craving.

Triscuits . . . it is even possible to make these at home?

Kombucha. I'm all for healthy, but anything that involves growing a mold-laden mushroom makes me nervous. My digestive fate (and that of my family)shouldn't rest precariously on my ability to determine good mold versus bad. Some things just aren't worth it.

Crackers. Seriously, I just cannot be bothered.

I have never made ravioli. Though I am inspired after the demo of lobster ravioli by the chef/owner of Tuscan Restaurant (Salem NH). Looks amazing and tastes even better. I always doubt I can make it at home and have it taste as good as theirs.

Grenadine syrup. I just looked at the ingredients recently and was shocked. I thought a second about making my own, but now we buy the organic stuff, and there are just good ingredients in it. So why make it myself? It would be much more expensive and a whole mess.

I will never ever make tobasco sauce.

anything involving fish or seafood. or green olives. simply, BLECH!

Any type of seafood or fish.

Cheese ; too much good ones here in Quebec to try and make my own... We ADORE cheeses! :D

I'm with you on the hot dog bun. I really cant get behind homemade ketchup - pretty much because we never eat ketchup. On anything. I guess that means we're bad Americans.

Any type of yeast bread ... No place in my house that is warm enough for the dough to rise.

Well, I've got to tell you, I'm pretty culinarily adventuresome. Once I get excited to make something, if I have the tools, or can afford the tools, and the ingredients, I'll usually take a stab at it. So there're very, very few things I would •never• make.

But… I have a friend who lives in Minnesota. He makes maple syrup each year, and I get mine from him. I'm thinking that, to make maple syrup, I'd have to live in some godforsaken, cold, Northern wilderness, with extremely cold winters.

And that's •never• going to happen. So there's that.

Maple syrup. We'll never have enough sap to make the 50 to 1 reduction worthwhile.

Those Pop Tarts on the cover. They're a nostalgia eat. I wasn't allowed except on rare occasion. They are like Real Housewives - I'd no more eat a homemade pop tart than I'd sit down and watch a television show about the real housewives in my neighborhood. I want the one that's bad for me, full of attractive, fake ingredients. Also, there's something very satisfying about tearing open the foil wrapper.

Oh, so many things... hummus. Whipped cream. Peanut butter. Some things are better left to the experts.

Wine, I think. While we already brew beer and I hope to experiment with cider and root beer down the line, wine just seems more complicated and daunting. But I hate to say never...

I don't see myself ever making butter. I love to bake with it too much, and if I actually made it myself, I would feel way too parsimonious about its use. No, I will not be churning butter anytime soon.

oil. i have absolutely no desire to press oil out of the things that contain it: olives, coconuts, peanuts, grape seeds. perhaps this is my utter ignorance of the oil-making process rearing its head, but it seems like a messy, messy and incredibly labor intensive process requiring heavy machinery. i confess that i would really much rather purchase my fats.

Pasta. It's just not happening. I tried it once, and I ended up with a giant tangled pasta ball.

There isn't much I wouldn't consider making myself. Probably something fried. We have fried food before (fish, potatoes, for example) but it's messy, and I hate having the leftover oil to deal with.

Haigis. Not making that *ever.* Not even eating it again, either, if I can help it.

Chips, flour, oil and aged cheese. Otherwise, I'm pretty open to making things from scratch.

And the winner is...Commenter #25: Sarah T. Congrats and I'll be in touch!

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