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June 12, 2012


Oh my god, that first line has me chuckling out loud. Really I'm laughing, but I hate LOL. Okay, on to read the rest!

I love the Waltham recycling system!

It's beautiful! Now - don't take this the wrong way but it's time to hit garage sales to replace that squaty chair at the end. Anything taller will do the trick! I have a chair fetish I pick chairs like that up all the time :-)

Hope it fairs better than my expensive table that now has 1 stratch from a child that thought it would be fun to dig the end of her fork into it and scratches from the cat who, knowing she was not allowed upon it, quickly scurried off it, leaving a few more scratches in it. :-(

LOVE IT! Reused, reloved for years to come!

Supernovas don't crash!

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