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August 30, 2011


I'm so with you on the yoga thing, yet I keep trying it every couple of months hoping for some kind of spiritual breakthrough.
Zumba is actually a lot of fun and everyone looks silly except the instructor. I'd love to try tai chi too.
Good luck with the baking and keep in mind that my parents are nearby if you're ever looking to get rid of your experiments.

Hey - Congrats on the great write up in Edible Boston!

Hi Tammy - wondered if you had come across the UK blog Prepped? (www.Prepped.co.uk) - it's written by a chef who decided to write a cookery book and get it published and gave herself a year to to it (which she'd done). Just thought it might be interesting to you given your current enterprise. Hmm .. of course it might turn out it was a link from your blog that led me to Prepped! in the first place, in which case (blush) my apologies ... Sarah

Cheesecake wins....for now.

Husband: Cheesecake ALWAYS wins!

SarahC: Thanks for the link! I didn't know about that blog. I'll check it out.

Julia: Just got a copy. Congrats to you, too. Great article!

Karen: That's right, your parents are local. I'll have to remember that! Good luck with the yoga. I do it once a month, too, just to torture myself.

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