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February 02, 2011


If you had a "like" button here, I would be pushing it repeatedly right now.

The military is putting a lot of money into unmanned drones right now. We'll undoubtably reap the benefits through pizza drones in 2021 =)

Tammy, you don't know me, but I think I love you.

I'd settle for someone who would deliver to your house: Pizza, AND a movie, AND beer. Via flying robot drones, or old beat-up Celica, either would work for me.

(They actually have services like this in Australia....ah, the civilized countries....) :)

Being a parent can be so hard sometimes.

Pickledbeets: This is probably not one of those times! Let the boy dream of pizza drones, Tammy. Maybe he'll be the one to invent them!

Shera: I like the sound of that!

L.: I think Husband deserves the credit for the funny in this post! Perhaps you love him? At any rate, Valentine's Day is coming up, don't forget!!

melch: Thank god. I can't have delays in robot technology disappointing the 2ndGrader!

Amy: You are always too kind!

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