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January 30, 2011


Anneke Jans in Kittery Maine, just a stone's throw from Portsmouth. Sweet and cozy, amazing food.

You're welcome! Great trip!

The Library Restaurant in Portsmouth is one of our favorite stops for dinner when we're driving up to our place in Maine! Rudi's in Portsmouth is also excellent, and if you make it up to Portland, Maine, we love the Old Port Sea Grille. Thanks for all the ideas!

Erin: Thanks for all the recs! I love those old coastal towns. Will definitely refer to this list when traveling!

Dad: It was just like I remembered! (P.S. The kids are dying to go to Storyland again this year.)

Karen: Believe it or not, Kittery is the town of my birth (in a military hospital, not an outlet store). I'm adding that restaurant to my list--thanks!

Whoot! It was a pleasure to have been able to go to three of them with you. No pressure for 2011 or anything.... But you know, I am hungry about 97% of the time.

perfect post--my husband and I (also, 2 children) have a new year's resolution of going out, sans kids, once a month. As we're in the Boston area, this is a great set of ideas! I have bookmarked your blog--I love all the great local resources you are posting, as I try to support local food. Looking forward to some new discoveries!

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