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October 21, 2010


You sort of resemble a tooth! lol Very cute!!

I think it just shows how big you are in his life! I love the munchkin/people drawing phase!

So cute. He loves mommy! (more than daddy, seemingly)

This made me laugh out loud. I agree with Rebecca, I think your size represents your importance in his life... or at least that's how I'd sell it to your hubby. Also, be thankful - you got drawn with feet while "Dad" did not!

LMAO. Only thing better than what they say sometimes, is what they draw. Love it.

Agree with Rebecca and Saroja! You are the most important person in the household! I love that everyone's arms are wide open and you have a lovely smile!

Did you write "mom"? He had great penmanship for mom too!

I like that you're shaped like a tooth, too, so there's all kind of symbolism going on.

It's attack of the giant mom - rrrwwwwwaaaaaaarrrr! Excellent artwork from the 5YO, and lovely big smiles all round.

Lumpy badger: Yes, this is definitely the most flattering portrayal of me I've ever seen from my kids!

Fish Sauce Hater: I'll have to ask him about his artistic process. It definitely has multiple layers.

Blaine: No, "Mom" was written by one of his preschool teachers. In fact, I was curious if maybe the teacher had mislabeled the giant figure, so I asked the 5YO which one was me just to be sure. The giant one was me!

NancyJ: I'll admit, I love that interpretation!

Amy: Remember the penis/pan drawing?

Saroja: I didn't notice that! Poor Husband has to hobble around on peg-legs!

Maq: It's only fair--the older one has a complete monopoly on his daddy!

Rebecca: Thanks for that. I'll admit, it feels good.

April in CT: You're right, I do!! I'm a lovable, toothy giant.

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