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June 28, 2010


Well, I didn't respond to the last post since I could only think of pickle failures. (Like the time I mistook the fennel fronds in the fridge for dill - ugh. Or the fermented dill pickles that were so salty your sauerkraut would be asking for a drink of water.) Come to think of it, that might have told you a lot about me, too!

Seeing your mention of carrot and diakon pickle (do chua) reminded me that I make those a few times a year for bahn mi - yum! And now I'm craving it.

Here is the recipe I use: http://www.vietworldkitchen.com/blog/2009/05/daikon-and-carrot-pickle-recipe-do-chua.html

Be prepared for a stench when you open the jar, but for some reason, that strong smell doesn't translate to the actual pickle when eaten (especially on a yummy lemongrass pork bahn mi). Hmm, better get another batch brewing.

Cool. I'd like to win an early, short and painless labor. Get on that would ya?

Oh, darn. I didn't win.
Wait. I didn't enter.

I am sooooo ecstatic!

Only wish I had really realized that my link was going to go out there. I'm totally unprepared with our recent web fooling around. I know, it says "(URLs automatically linked.)" but...

Give me until July 2nd and I'll at least get the half-sour recipe up there --- and add more of our creations as well.

I am also awfully excited- that faux-Claussen recipe you linked looks like something even I could do, and I'm sure the book is filled with recipes that look just as good. I promise to update you on how whatever I try first comes out! (That sentence doesn't look right, but unfortunately I am too tired to figure out why. Sorry!)

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