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March 25, 2010


Lovely little addition. I will use it, and use it well. And will try and keep the four-letter words to a minimum. Maybe.

My farther group up on a farm in Lester Ma.In the deprestion i wish i had all his recapices .They raised mosit of there food ,veg pigs cows berrys .Any why i can remaber him having a lagre clay pickling continer and making corned beef.I think my oldist bro has a lot of the recipe' s writen down i will have to check .

That search box is great! I tried to do my own manual recipe index and it's too hard to keep up with. This is much better. I'll be sure to search a lot for corned beef.

Great job Tammy!

You are always thinking! I just searched for Italian Cookies and a ton came up. Fantastic.

About google, I have to say it's how I found your blog. I was looking for sour cherry trees and you came up! I still don't have my cherry trees yet but I did manage to find one of my favorite sites!

Keep up the good work!


Hmmm...I've got a brisket in the freezer with exactly the same intentions. Maybe I'll hold off a little longer to learn from your mistakes, I mean, let you perfect the recipe and technique.

Any chance you are thinking all local reuben? If so, I've got some MA grown rye and will be attempting to grow some caraway this year. I'll let you work on the swiss cheese, too, OK?

ooooh, I want one of those on my blog! Such a good idea.

Karen: It's free and so far it's been working really well.

andrea: An all-local reuben is EXACTLY what I was thinking. We are of one mind! Where did you get the MA-grown rye? I only have a Maine source for rye. As for the cheese, I was thinking maybe Jasper Hill Farm's Winnimere?

giovanna: So it was the cherries that brought you here. Yay, serendipity! I hope you still get the trees, though.

Julia: Yes, this was the easiest, free-ist solution I could come up with. I'll keep you posted on the corned beef.

Clammer630: You should definitely check. Those old family recipes are treasures.

Amy: Good, glad to hear it! Some searches I approve of so far: whiskey, short ribs, shepherd's pie. I like the way you guys think!

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