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March 17, 2010


I love that Bad Baker's feet are as big as loaves of bread.

hahahahaha! weren't we the last ones to grill over at your house? hmmmm....

i think i'm asking my daughter "please chop those onions just a tiny bit smaller will ya honey sweetheart?" but she looks at me like i said, "your knife skills indicate that you have failed me miserably. give me your cell phone and leave the room."

wow. hilarious.

Those are adorable! Perfect to frame and put in the kitchen for art. LOL

As an art teacher, I can very much appreciate a lot of good artistic skill in these for a first grader. The fact that the body is more than a line is awesome! And those tongs look like the First Grader worked a long time getting them right. Please let him know I think it's great and he should keep it up!


That is too funny!

Maybe he meant Badass Baker?

crap... what are my babies going to draw....

Startlingly accurate depictions. The kid has an eye for capturing real life.

I think they are the start of a Kitchen Super Heroes series.
I hope you'll share whatever is next.


Potential artist.. also a very intelligent one.. Not all first graders can do this kinds of things.. :)

The merchandising potential is nearly limitless. I want in.

Harrison3: We're gonna be rich!!!

renaissance: He's a smart, funny little guy.

CC: Yes, apparently I'm quite scary!

Karen: You bet I will.

Husband: Yes, the baldness was another clue...

megan: Bet you can't wait to find out!

Amy: I'm sure that's exactly what he meant!

Dad: Wait until he starts drawing you!

Sis: Agreed.

Jacquelyn: I will definitely pass that on. Thanks for the encouragement (and I don't mean that sarcastically at all!).

April: Yes, these will definitely be framed.

maQ: I think he gets his artistic side from you and Husband.

kitchensinkroslyn: Yes, it's all in the interpretation, isn't it? I won't lie--I'm worried about the teenage years.

Carolyn: True, but somehow I don't see him portraying you guys in anything but the most flattering light!

jen: Beware of my roundhouse sourdough!

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