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January 18, 2010


Cottage cheese in lasagne? I am dubious. And judging by the picture, ricotta was absolutely the right decision.

If God had meant us to eat cottage cheese, we'd all live in cottages.

They probably used cottage cheese because it's an economical substitute for people who don't live near Russo's.

I love your suggestion of talking to yourself to give yourself room in Russo's! That's brilliant, I'll have to try that sometime.

And the lasagna does look delicious!!

Ahh yes. The ricotta/cottage cheese dilemna. I grew up eating ricotta in lasagna, my husband cottage cheese. Cottage cheese is just not the same, good for you for going back!

HAHAHAH! Oh, how I loved your inner conversation. I often talk to myself so people will leave me alone.

Well, I fear I might be alone here, but I actually enjoy cottage cheese. Ricotta, certainly more, but I make a mean cottage cheese, spinach, and feta casserole.

Ah, Russo's. You cannot go on a Saturday morning and return home with all your limbs.

I checked out your link to Russo's. What a fabulous store! Wish there was something like that in my neighborhood.

As for the cottage cheese/ricotta dilemma, I'm no help as I don't really like either one.

I hope you don't block my comments or report me as inappropriate because of it.

I'm sad to say that Gigi sold the Mozzarella house (Dad knows the guy who bought it)....I'm worried about QC.
Yeah and the signs that say we thank you for bringing your own bags, just don't load them until you pay? Purely optional. No way i am EVER going to bother bringing a cart in their some days, widen your aisles and I won't just load the bag on my shoulder...that's what I have to say to you Russo's.

I never even knew people put cottage cheese in their lasagna until college. Then I could barely contain the horror as someone described their recipe. I believe it might have been a boyfriends' mother I was on the verge of offending. I didn't marry that dude. How could I? COTTAGE CHEESE. I happen to like cottage cheese, you know, on the side, little salt and pepper for lunch. But I had another friend in college who insisted it wasn't good for you. Just look at it, he would say, you can just TELL it isn't good for you.

I grew up eating (low fat) cottage cheese in my lasagna, my mother was on the perpetual diet and for one reason or another cottage cheese was a constant in her repertoire. Or it may be that she was from a small one street town in Northern Queensland AU and those sort of things were exotic. Needless to say I did not have exposure to far-off ways nor even knew that there were alternatives. However once I 'discovered' ricotta there was no going back! And then when I 'discovered' I could make it myself there was just no excuse...(sorry to cottage cheese fans, thats just how I feel).

Cottage cheese in lasagne? When there is ricotta in the world? I think that your instincts were right on! I've gotten a bit addicted to making ricotta at home with lemon juice- it's a lot easier than it seems that it would be- and it makes silky and lovely ricotta.

Alana: Oooo, homemade ricotta! Sounds great. I've made paneer, and that's the extent of my cheese-making. I wonder if the techniques are similar?

Megan: I grew up with my grandmother making homemade lasagna and manicotti, so it's really difficult for me to imagine cottage cheese in that role. I just couldn't do it. Glad to see you're enjoying your new life with ricotta!

MidLifeMama: You really dodged a bullet there! But I agree, I actually love cottage cheese with salt and pepper AS A SNACK. Separate from my pasta. And that's what I did with that container of cottage cheese.

jo: I didn't know Gigi sold it. That's too bad. As for Russo's, yes, it's a nightmare. Weekday mornings at 9 am are the only times I go.

kitchensinkroslyn: You are not banned. I can actually see how some people might object to the textures of each, especially if you don't grow up with them. Husband hates cottage cheese.

Mary: So true. Add to the list: Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve, and the day before every Jewish holiday.

Amy: Like you, I actually enjoy cottage cheese under certain circumstances, and spanikopita is one of them. What a great idea to put spinach and feta into a casserole. Do you use phyllo?

geek+nerd: I do think I should at least give cottage cheese lasagna a try sometime. I just might have a hard time making it myself, sacrilege and all.

Julia: That's true. I do recall cottage cheese being cheaper, plus there's the availability thing. These sorts of substitutions evolve for a reason.

Barry: Hmmmm, can you define "cottage"?

adele: Someday my photos will truly convey the deliciousness of which I write, but until then, I'm glad you guys have good imaginations!!

Hi Tammy. I do not use phyllo dough in the casserole, but that sounds even more heavenly. I wouldn't know how much longer to cook it? I can send the recipe if you want, you can try it with the phyllo and report back??

It is pretty similar to paneer, but I think that the rate of heating the milk is a little different. I've done it a couple of different ways, but this is my favorite so far.


Am I the only one who has a killer recipe for Lasagna that uses both cottage cheese and Ricotta combined? Grew up with this one and have never made it any other way.

I make my stuffed shells with half Ricotta and half cottage cheese....I think the are decent and you can't tell the difference. Somehow I missed this post before. lol.

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