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December 16, 2009


That sounds like a great book! Just finished In Defense of Food. That was a interesting but a little dry, ya know?

I have no clue what to do with figs. This book might help. And your last entry inspired me, I went and made your layer cookies, or Magic Bars as I call them. Only I substituted caramel chips for butterscotch chips because I really hate butterscotch. My house smelled heavenly and now I have chewey gooey goodness in the house. Thank you!

I want this. Realllllly want this.

The culinary world's version of "The Areas of My Expertise!" Sign me up! :)

I'm a big lover of trivia, and not particularly bothered when the "facts" turn out to be not true, so this book would be great to read! Hope you are having a great holiday season!

It is unfortunate that this is a random drawing, as I am certainly the reader most deserving of this book.

1. I live near Seattle and missed the book signing.
2. I refer to myself as the Queen of Beans and consider "Beans, Beans, the Musical Fruit" to be my theme song.
3. I'm Irish, but have been known to clear a pub after joining in for the Craic singalong.
4. I recently completed a post-graduate Gastronomy class through the Cordon Bleu, and can certainly see the merit of Mr. Foy's book in the reading material of such a course - much more so that some of the heavier academia.

That being said, please enter me in the drawing.

I would loved to be entered in the drawing. I love to read and that makes me deserving enough. Other food trivia food based books that are great reads are: Pollan's first book 'Botany of Desire' shorter than Omnivore... and In Defensive Of... but equally as informative. Taras Grescoe, 'The Devils Picinic' & 'Bottomfeeder' are awesome picks, the later has changed how I eat seafood forever! and am working my way through 'The making of a chef' by Ruhlman right now.

This is an embarrassingly content-free comment in the hopes of getting my undeserving greedy mitts on this book. Please forgive me.

Oh ho - what a lively read that will be! Thank you for offering this contest, and I would so appreciate being added to the crowd trying to get this book ;)

Sounds like a great read! Enter me please!

Food and funny, yes please! I think I've read mostly food books in 2009. Might as well continue the trend in 2010.

I'd love to be entered in this drawing! There's nothing like pestering my significant other with questionable food facts!

Sounds like a wonderful book. I love anything that helps me learn about food! Just the other day I had some fig preserves that helped me to understand why so many people are obsessed with the fruit!

Oh bring it!

me, me, me. i love reading food books. they are better than a lot of other non-fiction (or even some fiction) that is out there......

I bought this for someone else last year, but don't have my own copy. So I need to win it, I think.

Sign me up, please!

Would love to have a copy of this book - sounds hilarious!

My dear Hubby would LOVE this book---the cook in the family! Thanks!

This is a non-entry comment, as I already own this book. Just wanted to say I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!! (good luck to all of the REAL entrants!)

I love irreverent books! I'm in!

i never win these things!

This book sounds great. Thanks for all the giveaways you've done lately.

Two of my favorite things, humor and food... if it came with a banjo playing monkey, my utiopia would come to life :)

I really enjoyed his guest post and would love to read his book. I may just get it on my own... if I don't win.

Perfect, I'd been looking for a good frog ham recipe! Please consider me :-)

Please excuse me while I beg cravenly. I am a big fan of Ambrose Bierce, of the original Devil's Dictionary (a brutally funny book). To combine FOOD with the Devil's Dictionary?!?! My mind boggles, and so here I am, begging cravenly.

Pick me? Please? Pleasepleaseplease?

Don't know if I am too late...but this sounds like a very entertaining read.


I would love to win this book.
Merry Christmas, too!!

Geeze... what's a sister got to do to get some preferential treatment around here...

did i say i'm in?

i' m in too

me me me - ok, I'll stop jumping up and down but that book really sounds like a fun read.

I'm cutting it off here. Winner TBA...

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