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December 11, 2009


I like to eat cookies, I sometimes bake them, and I ride the train to and from work every day. So these cookie cutters would be perfect!

I took my dog to obedience training...now, when she behaves she gets a cookie. Hhhmmmm...maybe MJ should be the winner.

Elijah loooovvvves trains.... they would beat my animal cutter by a mile! Sounds like a fun contest... I even have a volunteer conductor.

i think your methods of choosing the winner are GENIUS. But what if the conductor is diabetic or doesn't like cookies or BOTH?

We love cookies...

OMG. My son is completely train obsessed and would LOVE to each choo-choo cookies, and make them, and play with the cookie cutters! If they came fast, I could even make this year's batch of g-b cookies with them. Xmas choo-choos!

Oh, my son would love these!

Choo Choooo! Pick me ... pick me!

Did you ever see that Simpsons where Ralph gave Lisa a Valentine that said, I choo-choo-choose you? Just had a flashback. Anyway, this is a really fun idea! I am also really enjoying the cryptogram website (I LOVED those when I was a kid, and it is just as enjoyable now!) and hope to solve one in a less-than-embarrassingly-long time. So thanks for all the great stuff and hope that you are having fun with it as well. You seem due for some serious light-heartedness!!

Okay, Tammy. I'll play along. I wasn't going to get involved... you know, leave it for the people who really NEED these fun gifts. But then I decided, hey, Paul's unemployed, it's -1 degree here, and winning something could brighten our spirits. So here's to cookies and cookie cutters!

I think i'd be kicked out of my family if i didn't enter this one....

Who are these 57 people who hate you, and how do you know there are exactly 57? And I was hoping to hear more about the iron you left on over Thanksgiving. Did you really??

When I was five I witnessed an apartment fire (from a distance). I was told afterwards that an electric stove burner had been left on high, until it got so hot it separated from the stove, was launched up to the ceiling, and then evidently landed on something flammable. Does this sound likely? Or just something my parents told me to discourage me from touching the stove?

Cool cookie cutters. My husband is a train freak. He also likes cookies. Thanks for doing the giveaways; I admire your un-Scroogishness. Maybe I can summon up some of that too...

Got to love cookie cutters - they motivate me to break out the sugar and butter.

my nephew would LOVE these. He is nuts about trains. And it would be a nice gift for my sister so she can make train cookies for him.

great cookie cutters. i know some kids (ages 4 and 3) who would love to make some train cookies with their mom.
very cool gift.

isn't it funny how many lurkers there are (me included) who will do anything - even post a dorky comment (not that the comments are dorky or anything) - just to get free stuff? i need cookie cutters like i need a hole in my head (i must already have one of those as most of my brains seem to be gone). my cookie cutters mostly came from my mother and grandmother, and have actually seen better days, believe it or not. i don't think they came from china.

I didn't win the cookbook but then I did go and buy it so while I don't hate you, my checking account might be a little less pleased. Its probably more cheesed about the clothing shopping spree from yesterday more though.

If these weren't trains, I'd walk away. But every boy I know, including my husband, is obsessed with trains these days. This morning, between baking spritz cookies with my cousin (age 9), we had to run outside to wave at the conductor- our property borders a train track so we are pretty popular with the 10 and under set (and my husband).

My almost 4 yr old son would love this. Someone gave us Hannukah cookie cutters and I keep saying we will make Hannukah cookies but never do. He is a big train fan. In fact, he has been talking about when he gets big and he will have a son, and he will be named Thomas. (and the stories he weaves are awesome, including the one where he will let Thomas watch tv all day long and never make him brush his teeth.)

Okay, I'm cutting it off here. Winner to be decided shortly.

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