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December 08, 2009


what a fun idea - you rock!

You and I both know why I deserve to win.

That sounds like a fabulous cookbook. While I know on an intellectual level that Indian cuisine is probably not much more complicated than puff pastry (which I can and do prepare as a way of procrastinating on work), I find all the lists of spices daunting.

Five spices I can do, though. Time to add a new title to my Amazon list.

Check. Check. Check. Check. Check.

Got all 5 of those spices. My husband would probably be really excited about this book. Might have to pick it up regardless. He's obsessed with tikka masala lately.

I can't believe I'm commenting now, that there's a Free Book Possibility, when I've had an inaudible conversation with you for the last 5 months.
Sorry 'bout the greed.

I carpool with my husband, and he's in a late meeting tonight - so I had time to come look at your blog! I love Indian food, so I'd be excited to win that cookbook.

Hope I'm not too late...but I probably am. Looks like a great book!

Okay, I'm cutting it off here. All of you guys made it in. Now for the drawing...

I don't read your blog when its updated, but every couple of weeks I sign on and catch up. Sorry I missed this raffle, but the book sounds great so I'm thinking of buying it. They should pay you something for that, or maybe they did :-). I hope so.

Indian food - yumyumyum!

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