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December 08, 2009


Why are there no comments yet? I insanely enjoy your blog, I can't say the word blog without feeling silly, and I have all of those spices. I have been meaning to comment on many posts, so I guess this shows my level of greed (I'll call it a love for free things)
My only trick in the kitchen has been mixing my son's (youngest) formula with water that's boiled veggies. Just check out what happens when you use beets! Make sure you tell anyone that might be changing a diaper. The word hemorrhage comes to mind.

Too much detail. Love your computer-newsletter.

Brunswick, ME Mom of 2.

I have a head of cabbage in my fridge, and since that isn't enough for the rigmarole of sauerkraut, I'd love to see this stir-fried cabbage recipe. Love to. Because I'm at see with this CSA favorite.

I have been wanting to branch out and try cooking some Indian food! This cookbook actually looks approachable.
P.S. I love cryptograms!

i am so tempted to leave my comment as a crytogram....

Oh wow, those chickpeas on the cover look amazing!

I need to be convinced, we have awesome indian food on the west coast, but I love trying new things!

Hey, I have all those spices! And it's probably time I learned how to cook something Indian other than the curry I invented with leftover ricotta, broccoli, and chickpeas, the one that turned my spatula yellow and that I'm still being teased about because of the amount of curry powder I used.

Also, if you're ever looking for another guest poster, I'd love to share a recipe or story of my own with your readers. Mine seem to think it's a little too weird that I named this year's Thanksgiving turkey. Georgette.

Thanks, Tammy!
:) Leah

i've been wanting to cook Indian food for awhile but have been intimidated by all the spices needed. this looks like a great introduction!

I absolutely love Indian food and need more of it in my life. This books looks great because I have been hesitant to invest in lots of spices.

I've never tried a cryptogram before but is sounds delicious.

Gimme, gimme, gimmethatbook!

I'm stuck in my apartment while 14 inches of snow falls outside. Lentil rice pilaf and spice-rubbed lambchops sound awesome right now.

I'm thinking about where to get duck around Boston MetroNorth. I'm sliding down the slippery slope of turning a simple visit from the parents into a fancy dinner. There's this duck recipe I saw in a blog, and then I saw one for wild rice with cranberries and pecans which would go perfectly. Oh, and one for baked apple dumplings. Wouldn't that go nicely? Oh, and a tangerine sorbet would make a lovely dessert and palate cleanser.

I'll try H-Mart in Woburn. I hear Market Basket carries them too.

This is what comes of reading food blogs. I'm a sucker for nice pictures and enthusiastic descriptions.

I am scared of cooking Indian food - I would love a book to teach me!

I love the idea of 5 spices. I really enjoy Indian food, but despite being an avid cook I've never tried it at home. If I don't win, this book is going on my wishlist!

Ooh, sounds fun to me, I need to get out of the habit of making the same three dishes every week for dinners!

Why? No one knows.

Easy answer.... because we love ye .

GET ME IN THIS RAFFLE PRONTO! got this cookbook from the library and the whole family loved everything i made from it. recipes are killer! if i don't win, i guess i'll just have to get it now i have been reminded of it.

Why do we keep coming back!? Um, because you're hilarious. Duh.

This sounds like an AMAZING cookbook, and I hope my name tastes the best coming out of that mixing bowl.

I love your blog - too funny. Now I am also addicted to codesparrow - just one more excuse to put off getting to work.

Hey I do have all those spices! Sounds like a pretty good book.

What a nice idea! That sounds like my dream cookbook - I've been approximating Indian cooking with cumin and curry powder, which is really a sad (and very very white) approximation.

I have my last winter CSA pick up this weekend and I could definitely use the help!

Your spattered cookbook switcharoo reminds me of two years ago when we were helping my mother get a gift for my brother. He coveted my husband's Larsen's hoodie sweatshirt and wore it the entire time he was here visiting. He managed to slop it up with drawn butter and some spilled coffee. Nice. The stains remain to this day.

So anyway, we picked up an identical hoodie the next time we were on the Vineyard and sent it to my mother. We were sooooo tempted to wrap that stained and slopped one up instead. Still wish we had followed through.

Next time I'll have to tell you about the undies my brother "borrowed" (from my husband). Let's just say he gets waaaay too comfortable in clothes that are not his!

pretty pretty please, really want the book????

oh wow, I can actually comment again, they must have changed the computer settings. Anyway, love the blog. Um, does commenting again get me two times in the draw? :)

5 Spices sounds like a brilliant concept. Is it based on any particular region of India?

We love indian food, but with so many delicious options available in Cambridge (yep, one of the reasons I love your blog is because so many of the places you describe are quite familiar -- and yet so much funnier when you write about them!) and so many spices on the typical ingredient list, I've only tried cooking Indian food once. I, too, have a yellow spatula to show for it. This book would be a great reason to try again!

I am also stuck in my living quarters, hopelessly waiting for those 14 inches of snow to finally finish falling. If only I had a wonderful cookbook to entertain me!

I think I'll have to put that cookbook on my list, assuming I don't win. ;-)

Happy snow day!

Your cocktail is on me tonight if I win.

I would love to win that cookbook. It looks great. And I am "officially banned" from buying more cookbooks...since its kind of an addiction.

I am delurking for the chance of winning what sounds like a must have book. btw love your blog. :-)

looks like a great book.

Although I never (ever) win anything, I still try. Does that say "boundless optimism" or "definition of insanity" to you?

Delurking because I love your blog and I also love Indian food. Amazing coincidence, no?

OOh, 5 spices seems like just my speed. Not that I don't have a ridiculous number of spices, because I do, but I never seem to have the RIGHT ones.

Are neighbors disqualified from entering?

I have an aunt who somehow always wins raffles and prizes. It used to make me think I have a curse because I NEVER win anything. Maybe I should have her post for me! ;o)
Anyway, long-time fan! Love your blog because it reminds me of my beloved Boston (my former home) since I moved to CA.

PS: Went to codeSparrow with my full intention of loving it and becoming addicted, only to remember that I SUCK at cryptograms. If only it had been logic or number puzzles... ;o(

Never really tried Indian food before... Maybe this is the way to start.

You're the best! :)

Looks like a great cookbook. Thanks for the giveaway! Happy Holidays

So I can already claim ownership of four of the spices, but certainly wouldn't mind a reason to acquire mustard seed too! Many good recipes for squash in the book? I have at least half a dozen from my CSA mingling with one another in back of the coat closet where it's cold.

Need this gateway cookbook to broaden my horizons.
Indian cooking, here I come! (well, if I don't win, Amazon, here I come to order the book). Happy Holidays to you!

Oh I hope its me you pick!

This book looks awesome! My ridiculously picky kids like Indian food, for some unknown reason, so I'd use it a lot. That's actually how I found your blog originally. i was searching for food for picking kids, and someone linked to your blog. I love reading your writing.

Indian food=awesome. Unfortunately I (gasp!) only have tumeric in my poorly stocked college kitchen. Ah well...

I recently started making Lamb Bryani, which calls for several of the expensive spices. If only I'd known about this book. Pick me!

Oh me, me! I'll take the old one though- I love a good stained cookbook....

ooh, ooh, it is too late to get in the raffle?
My sweetheart loves indian food, and all we have is the Madhur Jaffrey cookbook- you know the one where the recipe for Saag Paneer, starts with, first milk the cow.... (Ok, I kid, but it's almost that over-detailed).
Seriously, it's one of those cookbooks that requires a 15 hard to find ingredients that you can only buy in bulk at an indian spice store in Waltham, and which spoil quickly and which you will never use again...

am I too late? I hope not! But at least I know about this cook book now, even if I don't win yours. Your broken spattered copy sounds nice too!

I love Indian food so this book would be awesome to have as I've never cooked Indian food at home.

I come back to visit because I can't help myself. Your family dynamic makes me pee my pants.

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