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December 06, 2009


I would rather scrub my toilet every day than do cryptograms or crossword puzzles or even Soduko. Sudoku. WHATEVER. But I am a very literal communicator and have no spare time or brain power for that kind of activity. I hate having to do that much work for the communication process, but don't go by me. I will keep coming here for the recipes and funny stories, and hopefully pictures of you in sparkly eye shadow and unflattering tops and platform heels on Moody Street. I added that last part about the heels because it completed the ensemble in my head.

Congratulations on the new project. Sounds like fun.And maybe profitable.
If not, I will rescue you from the shady side of Moody Street (I"m guessing it's opposite Tuscan Grill) and take you to dinner when I visit my parents.

I wouldn't be a very credible word nerd if I didn't love cryptograms, now would I? A delightful addition to your delightful blog.

Word Nerd: So glad you like them! I believe you hold the record for the most wins so far.

Karen: Thanks in advance for the drive-by rescue. You'll need to keep going past the fancy restaurants (though you better believe I'll give clientele with doggie bags preferential treatment).

MidLifeMama: This is why you have a real job and I don't! Husband says codeSparrow's tagline should be: "Impeding social networking through cryptography." In other words, it's the exact opposite of what Twitter is trying to accomplish (whatever that might be!).

Great, another time suck. Just what I needed. Thanks. Here's one back atcha:http://freerice.com/toolbar.php?utm_source=popup

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