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December 21, 2009


Happy birthday to your son! My youngest(10) had her party on Saturday (actual day 12/23) and for once it didn't snow.
Nice cake!

Your husband is so talented...wasn't the last creation of a train? I remember a train.

Haley is still at that age when having a birthday in the winter is a godsend to other mom's, since their all looking for a way to occupy their preschooler and avoid major cabin fever.

I need to go to Santa school, as I don't recognize the hot new toy Bakugan. WHat else is new, sigh. Tell Blizzard Boy we need snow for Wednesday, ok? Oh, and happy birthday, too.

Sounds like he is old enough to shovel out our driveway then. Send him over and he can start to make a dent in the 26" we got down here. Blizzard Boy indeed.

Don't worry, I'll make him some hot cocoa after he's finished.

What? No bourbon? No Marvin Gaye?

I love fondant free decorating. Way to go, Husband!

melch: He did good. And, no, we are not fond of fondant.

Kitchensink: I know, such a disappointment. I'm trying not to be drunk at every single one of his birthdays!

andrea: Wow, you guys got it pretty good, didn't you? We only got a foot. I'm very much looking forward to the kids being shoveling age. In fact, I really should have gotten them child-sized shovels for Christmas. Crap!

Ali: Did you get your snow? I put Blizzard Boy on it, but he seemed awfully distracted by his new toys.

Amy: A train it was. And it's true: being trapped in a snowstorm at a party isn't so bad.

Karen: Sounds like our kids are on almost the same blizzard schedule. Glad you escaped it this time. We'll see about next year.

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