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November 20, 2009


Wow! That's an insanely large amount of food! Thank goodness thanksgiving is next week -- I hope you have a lot of people to cook for :)

Wow! That's A LOT of food! Is that the regular amount you get every week or is it special for Thanksgiving?

Of course you've done Drumlin's winter share before, so you know how it is, but I am simply *drowning* in squash right now. Sigh.

I love the idea of supporting a local farm and getting fresh veggies, but how long will those veggies keep in the fridge?

OMG that's a lot of veggies! Is that normal each month? Sheesh!

Holy shit!
No, really.
Holy shit!

Delicata is hardly a squash. :)

It's amazing how quickly all that can go!

Wow - awesome...I've been pondering buying CSA shares forever. Thanks for listing what you received. It gives me things to mull over :)

Holy veggies Batman! You scored!!

Your winter share looks amazing! That's so much food. I'm really jealous of those brussels sprouts and salad greens. They look good!

Allison: They were good! The salad greens and the Brussels sprouts are gone. As is the kale, broccoli, and cauliflower.

Kasumi: Sure did.

geek+nerd: You're welcome. This was a 3-week distribution, so it's not all intended to be eaten right away, though all the green stuff doesn't last too long.

andrea: You're right. Delicata is like the gateway drug (or whatever the opposite of that would be!).

CC: *big smile*

Sherry: This is the first time I've done this particular winter share, but my experience has been that the first, pre-Thanksgiving distribution is the largest.

Suzanne: The greens need to be used within a week, if not that day. The carrots and turnips will hold for a while in bags in the crisper. The onions and potatoes will hold pretty well at room temp., though they'll last longer in a cool basement. I think the sweet potatoes and red onions need to be used up pretty soon.

Tall Kate: Ah, but I bet you have celery root and parsnips. I miss those. Also, our distributions end in December, so you get a whole bunch of extra months! Still, I ain't complainin'.

Sandicita: It's been pretty warm around here lately. Maybe that's why.

Julia: Actually, my grandmother won't let me cook when we come to visit, so we'll have to have some kind of post-Thanksgiving feast to make a dent.

Man, your winter share kicked my winter share's a$$.
Turnips, that's all I'm gonna say.
Oh and parsnips.

Jealous. No winter CSA. You can't see it, but I'm typing with a pout.

if you know anyone with a pet rabbit, ours LOVE the stalks from our brussels sprouts! chewy and delicious - as well as any stem/leaf trimmings.

heck, rabbits are awesome live in compost piles :p

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