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November 06, 2009


This looks great! For whatever reason, I haven't done a lot of soups - this year I'm changing that. Picking my my CSA share today so no doubt there'll be soupable goodies in there.

And as for the anti-cancer stuff, like you said, the jury's out - but you won't go wrong eating food like this. Oh, and you know what? Enjoy some Halloween candy for dessert!

Yea - I can live on soup, too! So awesome to have a new one to add into the mix. Unfortunately, S doesn't share the same passion, so I try to avoid a week of soup for dinner every night (boo). And don't even try to serve him soup without bread ("but it has potatoes, and rice, and beans in it!") - he will just pout. Not a pretty sight.

I've got everything on hand so will be tackling this one tonight!

Thank you for this! I'm in bed with swine flu right now, and soup sounds like the perfect cure for that, too. As soon as my fever breaks, I'll send the bf out for ingredients. (How I wish we had CSAs in Italy!) Hope you felt some healing power in the spoonfuls--actually I'm sure you did, what with your wise adjustment upping the olive oil.

Hi :) Nice recipe post looks so YUMMY and Delicious. LUV it ^^ Regards Mohammad Fadin http://www.x1q.com

Nice. I think I know the book this came from ;). Was it any good?

Hm. One of my go-to winter recipes is a sweet potato and black bean stew. This looks like a similar idea, but with different spicing. May have to try it.

Reporting back that this soup was delicious! Added an extra pinch of red pepper flakes, otherwise pretty much as written.

And Chiara, I like having a CSA so I can feel like I live in Italy! :)

Andrea: So glad you liked it! Extra spice is always welcome.

adele: I never think to put sweet potato in soup, I don't know why. That will change starting now.

Sis: It was really good! The spice combination was refreshingly different. That cookbook has a lot of nice soup recipes. Thanks again!

Mohammad: Thanks for stopping by.

Chiara: Swine flu? Oh no. I hope you're recuperating and that the bf is taking good care of you. Feel better soon!

Sarah: Happy souping! I hear we're in for a cold, snowy winter.

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