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November 04, 2009


Good luck. Turning to the Perfect Pickler for mine.

Somehow I'm picturing you all in black, wearing a beret and little wire-rimmed sunglasses, holding bongo drums...

There were a couple of years were my parents made sauerkraut. Some of the best I've ever eaten. Love pickled things.

Wait, don't tell me--e. e. cummings, right?

Barry: Riiiiiight.

Amuse-bouche for Two: Me, too. Your blog is lovely, by the way. I enjoyed it.

NurseJen: If, by wire-rimmed sunglasses, you mean my regular glasses, and if, by beret, you mean a do-rag, and if, by black, you mean my pajamas, and if, by drums, you mean no drums, then you're right!!!

Jess: It matters not how the cabbage becomes pickled, only that it does. Godspeed.

Oh I'm hoping for the best for you. My maiden batch came out all mushy.

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