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November 16, 2009


Maybe Bob and he can start a clown troup!

Nah, they're underpaid. And way too many people are afraid of them. Like me. But, I sort of like the idea of a circus affiliation. I'll join you.

Oddly Monster.com does not have a clown category.

Husband: Yeah, I bet they don't have a category for *Monster* either. Slackers. They should be fired.

Amy: Clowns are definitely scary. And a circus affiliation does have its appeal (mainly in the form of cotton candy). I'd be worried, though, that they'd rope me into doing the trapeze. I loooooove heights and hurtling through the air at frightening speeds.

MidLifeMama: He does know how to juggle!

I agree with First Grader.

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