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October 01, 2009


1. I can't believe you're doing the Eat Local Challenge this year after everything you've been through. You freaking RULE.
2. I also kill mint!! It's nice to not be alone anymore.
3. This looks ah-mazing. Looking forward to trying it out!

Well, wouldn't you know it - I just bought ingredients to make a plum cake featured in Everyday Food. But, yours sounds better.

I think Martha just got bumped by you.

Umm...killing mint isn't so much of a skill as a SUPERPOWER!

What a great blog to read! The cake looks awesome. I am originally from New England, so seeing food from MA and VT makes me happy. Thank you for this!

you still have plums? In October? Nice

I spent quite a bit of time in Asian markets over the summer picking up ingredients for various classes and several times I was amazed to see ginger with really big protrusions out the side of the rot read to be popped in the ground. I resisted the temptation, but I really would like to try just once to grow it.
Have been craving plum cake to use with Italian prune plums I've been seeing everywhere. I am on it! Thanks.

This sounds fabulous. Will be trying it out...soonish.

forget the cake, I'd just eat the topping!

If you or Jeena are ever in Ohio, I could use your superhero powers (mint slaughter) as in what was surely a drunk moment, I thought it would be a good idea to over-winter our mint in the garden. In return, I will woo you (in a non-romantic way) with something made with fresh butter. Deal?

I miss your dad. He always left such acerbic, yet dadly, comments. Science-y too.
Ginger PLANT? Oh, pleeze find out how.
Love you, tam.

I think this was the cake recipe I was trying to achieve a few weeks ago. Now I no longer need to keep trying. (My to-do list thanks you.)

Wonderful! I love plums and would love to eat a slice of that cake!

Joumana: Thanks for stopping by. I hope you'll try it.

adele: Let me know if I can help with any other delicious items on your list!

CC: I know, I miss him, too. I'll lobby to get him back.

Kate: It's a deal. I have a friend I've been meaning to visit in Columbus.

Suzanne: The topping is the best part!

MidLifeMama: Let me know how it turns out.

jo: Definitely try it. I (meaning Husband) just brought the ginger plant inside before frost threatens to kill it. It really thrived this summer, and I hope it lives to see another.

aimee: Just the beginning of October. Now we're down to just apples, raspberries, Concord grapes, and cranberries.

Astrid: You're welcome. Anytime!

andrea: I know! And I thought I had nothing to contribute to society, gardening-wise.

Amy: This may be the first and only time I've ever bumped Martha, so I'm going to take a moment to bask in the glow.

Jeena: Well, I'm not exactly doing the Eat Local Challenge by the rules. For example, I'm not doing it for every meal, just when I feel like it, with what I have around. But it never was about the rules anyway. It's about the food, and I'm always behind that.

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