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August 26, 2009


For the short amount of months I have been reading your blog, it has become my favorite. Reading your writing makes me want to become a better writer. Your talent for capturing just the right thought is spot on. Even now when it seems that things are difficult in your life, I appreciate your ability to carry on so well and the grace in your words. thank you.

His art is amazing. I have such envy. I can't even draw a stick figure.

And we don't have anything this nice hanging in our house. Our walls are occupied by circus-type looking Hatch prints.

You are TOTALLY salt. I have never met the husband, but it wouldn't matter. He doesn't get to be salt.

Happy Anniversary!

The important thing is how they taste when shaken together--just like a martini!

Lorrie: Or stirred!

Cindy: And you, as well (a little late).

MidLifeMama: I was going to say something about salt, but now I just realized I completely forgot about the meat pickup. Oops.

Amy: But that sounds so festive! Yes, he's extremely talented. Meanwhile, my drawings are virtually indistinguishable from the 3YO's.

Jessica: Thank you for such a nice comment. And in return I'm going to try to write about something other than constipation for a change!

You go together like salt and pepper. Sentimental, yet much better than a Hallmark card.

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