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August 31, 2009


Greetings Linda! Thanks for filling in.

My God would demand pie. And I would happily fulfill her wishes.

I would want to cook and serve food that is as close to the land (local)and sustainable as possible. I think that is what God intended--for us to be stewards of the land by taking care of it while it provides food for us. Right now: Winter squash baked with homegrown and pastured pork (sausage) and apples, kale, and apple dessert. All raised without chemicals.

If my gods showed up for dinner, I'd have to give my mother's stuffed cabbage a try. Made with a brown sauce rather than a red sauce, it calls for a sprinkle (really, that's the direction I got) of brown sugar, and HAS to be fried in real butter before it's simmered in its sauce. It's my true comfort food.

Although Bigos would be a close second (Polish stew made with kielbasi, pork, bacon, sauerkraut, onions, potatoes and sour cream -- a heart attack in a bowl!)

Bad news, I'm afraid: God also brings his own chef--some guy who used to work for Thomas Keller. And you'll never guess whose chef was one of the winners on "Hell's Kitchen."

If my gods showed up, I'd serve beer, lots of beer. Lots of different beers. And there'd be noshes. We'd all just sit around, drink good beer, eat bits and bites, and talk for hours. Kinda like when my family comes to town.

I like to think that God would appreciate a nice insalata caprese. And ice-cream. Lots of ice-cream.

Bacon. Because if bacon is not the food of the Gods, what is?

But if the Devil came, I'd serve my Chicken Wild Mushroom Pot Pie. Because, it is so heavenly, that it might even reform the Devil. And if not, well.. we'd have a good meal. Maybe he won't take my soul after all.


Man that lamb stew sounds great.

Wouldn't it be fun to have a "Pretend God is coming to dinner party" and have guests bring their favorite dish. (What kind of pie?)I might have to try it.


I agree that pie would be perfect. Pecan, I think. Made with the tastiest Georgia pecans and some decent bourbon.

But I wouldn't give him any until he explained why people get cancer.

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