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July 27, 2009


Pooped straight compost. AWESOME. And Tammy messes with people by using two different last names, so even if you are prepared, you might not have the right one.

Nice guest post!
It may be a culinary cliche, but sauteed chard is indeed excellent.

very funny - esp the fava beans. You might need to start your own City Slicker blog

S'ok, I went to my farm yesterday to "help" (indentured servitude) with potato gathering. I now know why "Pick-Ur-Own-Potato Farm" is a poor business model.

I have a vivid image of this stylin' woman picking vegetables, while everyone looking at her thinks "she must be lost."

Ginormous is such a great word.

Fantastic story telling!

So, how DO you keep the carrots from going limp? :)

On Jilly Cooper- "it is like a literary crack hit for me"-- what a great way to describe her writing!

Hey all, you are sure a nice bunch of readers! Tammy said it would be ok to reply to your comments, since that is how it's done over here on FotF.

Midlife Mama: well I just kept saying "Taaaammmmy" real slow until the manager stepped in.

Karen @ Mignardise: I am all about the culinary cliches because otherwise I would probably starve.

Judy: I feel like a City Slicker blog would force me to acknowledge that I really will never be Laura Ingalls Wilder. And I am not ready to give that up yet.

Jess: Uh, is it wrong that I was like "Oh yeah, I would totally go pick my own potatoes"?

Amy: I can't take credit for 'ginormous' because I think it is already a non-word word, but I will take credit for cuckoopants.

Bad Hippie: I get the chard to talk dirty to the carrots.

Bridget: If I go too long without a hit of Cooper things get out of hand.

Anyway, thanks all for being so nice and thank YOU Tammy for sharing your space. You are the best!

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