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May 13, 2009


What an excellent idea! I'm fairly certain that the best fish I'm going to get out here in the Midwest is what my husband can catch in Lake Erie.

I would get behind this if they were selling sustainable seafood and assuring us they were reducing by-catch. Otherwise, you are in danger of supporting depletion of fish stocks and degradation of the ocean environment.

Do you know if the fishermen involved have any stated commitment? Several of the fish you mention are red list/AVOID fish ....

This is a tricky area that changes all the time. I encourage everyone to share info and push toward transparency. Guilt does not make good gravy and I can't enjoy a meal that's contributing to extinction.

I'm here to help. Resources on my blog.

I want to let you know how much I love your blog. I've been reading it on and off (I'm on now I swear) for a year.
I'm on Cape Cod and am such a good good locavore 9 months out of the year...you are helping with the other few months. Thanks!

liz: Thanks for writing! I haven't been a very good locavore the last three months, but I cut myself some slack in the springtime. Glad I could be some help!

Jacqueline: Thanks for your comment. I had sent some questions in to them last week and I'm waiting for a response. I saw that cod and flounder were among the fish listed and wondered how they planned to handle these depleted populations. My sense is that it won't be a perfect arrangement right out of the gate, but that with time and member feedback, it could be an excellent way to get local communities involved in the issues surrounding their area fishing grounds. I'm willing to give them some leeway (within reason) because I think the community-supported model has a lot of potential. We'll see. Nothing's in stone, yet.

Mary: You have your own private, in-house CSF. What could be better?

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