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May 08, 2009


Milk jugs can also be used to make "irrigation" systems by filling poking holes in the bottom, setting them down, and filling with water. Leave the cap on to discourage mosquitos.

I spent $3 on a jar funnel that fits into the mouth of mason jars and now use them extensively for food storage. They freeze well too (just leave headspace!) and go in the microwave without their tops. We also drink out of the pint-size ones and use them to tote chai, iced coffee, or smoothies to work.

Cardboard egg cartons can be composted; plastic ones make really excellent individual seedling greenhouses.

Ahhh - everything old is new again! These hints were "new" when I was a young whipper-snapper and they still hold value. I'm glad to see you post this.

Happy Mother's Day Tammy! :)

I use the plastic boxes from strawberries and other produce in lunchboxes. They're good for things like veggie sticks that aren't sloppy but need some protection. The cherry tomato size ones are a good for sandwiches on bulkie rolls - too big for a tupperware, but they need a little pressure to hold them together. It's one less tupperware to get lost.

The large size make good organizers, too. My camping supplies are bunched up in them. They're transparent, so it's easy to find things. There are a couple in the junk drawer holding all the batteries and tape.

Egg cartons can be composted when the sprouts are grown. It's hard to find enough "brown" when it's not autumn.

Best Mason Jar Trick (from Myscha Theriault @ Wisebread): thread them onto the blender in place of the blender pitcher and make salad dressings or dips or salsa or whatever, then just invert, unscrew and store in the fridge!

katie: No way! Does that really work? But how do you get the salad dressing ingredients into an upside-down jar? Just kidding. I figured it out.

Janet: Great ideas. Thanks!

Sally: Yes, some of these things I remember my mom doing. She was very resourceful. Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

Sarah: Cool. Mason jars are awesome. I like the irrigation system idea, too!

We re-use jars of all sizes (peanut butter, jelly, tomato sauce) for storing grains and dried beans that we buy in the bulk aisle. (We get our bulk items in paper bags rather than plastic, which then make compostable compost containers.)

Mostly, I've gotten good at minimizing packaging, period, so there's less to reuse or recycle. No plastic produce boxes from things we buy at the farmers market. :)

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