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March 06, 2009


As with butter and whole milk, I was raised on the real stuff. Never could abide "table syrup." I use it (maple, not fake) for all kinds of stuff besides breakfast. Try stuffing squash with rice and sausage and drizzling the whole thing with maple syrup, baking it until it's brown and crusty on top...

I imagine an animal found it first, weeping from a hole or break in the tree trunk. Then some enterprising Indian decided to sample it himself since it didn't kill the bear. However it was done, we are the richer for its discovery.

And NurseJen's squash sounds fabulous!

Sally: That's a more plausible explanation, I expect.

NurseJen: I was raised with whole milk, but with fake syrup and margarine. Now I'm making up for lost time. Love your stuffed squash concept (except for the squash part).

Grade B maple syrup is cheaper and has more maple flavor. It is also not so cloyingly sweet.

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