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February 08, 2009


Wow. I'm confused AND hungry.

Oh dear. I'm conflicted: should I back up my computer, or go in search of breakfast?

Great, now I'm hungry and anxious to run home and back up my hard drive.

The nice folks at the Apple Store confirmed that Tammy's hard drive had a fatal "Invalid Node Structure" error, and therefore should be slathered with butter and syrup.

Luckily, Tammy can use my computer and hers will have a new drive (free of charge) in 1-3 business days.

Ouch. Good luck.

yeah, had a moment of hysteria here last night-luckily I have a live-in genius who patched me all up. Hope it goes quickly for you!

I've had it happen. I hope you didn't lose anything!

Hahahahahah I totally read "Invalid Node Structure" as "Invalid Noodle Structure".

Lily VS: You and your one-track mind.

Melissa: So far, I think I only lost my music. I'm not supposed to be listening to music, anyway. I'm supposed to be working.

Katie: Lucky you! I have to give props to my genius who diagnosed the problem and then whisked it away to the hospital. Thanks, Husband!

Family Nutritionist: I think I got off pretty easy this time.

Husband: Did they happen to mention if my hard drive was delicious?

Jess: You backed up, I hope?

adele: That's the problem with backing up your computer is that there's always something more pressing to be done. Thank god I played against type and actually backed that shit up when I was supposed to.

melch: Don't worry, you're only confused because you're hungry.

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