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February 06, 2009


I can't tell if you are being serious or not, or even what the point is. I think it's undenyable that the state of our food supply is a serious concern. As a point of note, washing the ecoli spinach would have done nothing, it requires heat to kill.

Seriously, all of this is a great argument for growing your own, or at least buying local. 'Course, I don't know a whole lot of peanut growers in New Jersey, and I ain't giving up my PB & Nutella.

Someone once said "If you haven't got an egg beater, use your head". There is something to be said about the differences between those who grab for a fork, and those with egg on their heads.

I predict a surge in CSA subscriptions. I just hope everyone doesn't sign up at mine.

Regardless of who has gotten sick and why, we have to police ourselves to make sure that we are buying nutritious and healthy food. My husband and I try to be very mindful of where our food comes from. We do eat meat, but we want to know that the animals who are dying so that we can eat them lived well while they were alive. We all must be mindful of what we eat; large, industrialized food production is about profit, not about our health or our nutrition. We can't look to the FDA to keep us healthy; we have to do that for ourselves.

If ecolia makes people sick, whatever is causing it, needs to go, and so on. I do think that the situation with food deseases and allergies we have now, was created by us. Genetic modifications, chemical additives to grow stuff faster and bigger affected it, I am sure. Everybody read: Animal, Vegetable, Miricle by Barbara Kingslover. Just be educated, and make your own choices.

Avalon Timothy: I agree it's about choice. And everybody should have one.

Jenni: Yes, the FDA can only do so much. With fewer dollars in the economy, how we spend our money makes a bigger difference than ever.

Jess: Definitely.

Lily VS: True. Though sometimes I end up with egg on my head even though I use the fork.

NurseJen: Nor should you give that up. I think everyone has their own balance.

AO: I'm not being serious. I think it's a huge problem. I actually think it's almost impossible to control the safety of food the way the system is set up right now. There are never any guarantees, but at least with local growers, they're tied to the communities they serve and there's a whole lot more transparency. P.S. Good point about the E. coli. Sometimes I forget my science.

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