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January 12, 2009


OH I wish I had a crock! (and some cabbage!)

Sadly, my Farmboy has announced (in no uncertain terms) that pickles are one thing, but if I try to make sauerkraut he will leave.

It was a tough decision. I'm sure gonna miss that Farmboy.

The sweet stench has already arrived.

Woo hoo!

mmmmm kraut. Haven't dared to make it in an open container yet. Someday...

I am *SO* chicken, even though I've made my share of beer and cider. Can you take pictures? What did you use for your crock? For your weight? I cleaned my basement right before Christmas. Would that be a good place to brew?

Oh, Tammy, if you get tired of your Husband, I have a trade for you. Mine already owns the sauerkraut crock, (yes, I argued against the purchase) which has for YEARS successfully held kindling and looks charming next to the fireplace. However, I am very vulnerable to shame, so I guess I might have to join you in the sauerkraut-making. So that mine stops crying whenever I casually mention that you make your own sauerkraut. So we can keep our own husbands. If you want.

Erin: Tempting. My husband does dishes, though, so I'd be hard-pressed to give him up. And I must warn you that my husband really likes sauerkraut, too, so I'm not sure you'll gain anything on that front. But if you start now, you could surprise yours with Valentine kraut!

Family Nutritionist: I think beer might potentially be harder than sauerkraut. Don't know, never tried it. I took pictures last year that I never posted because they were boring. The only exciting part is when the brine foams up during the first week or so, but I thought that might scare people away. Anyway, for a crock, I just stole the one out of the crock pot. For a weight, I used a clean gallon milk jug filled with water. A basement is a good place to store the crock to contain the smell (it's only bad the first few weeks). The process might take longer, though, because it's cooler. Our basement is disgusting and horrible, so I don't put anything edible down there.

Jess: Maybe next year? If I can prove that I survived? It's going to be very embarrassing if I kill myself off of my own blog real-time.

Husband: Indeed it has.

NurseJen: Don't worry, I'll share my kraut. Go get him back.

Mary: Ah, but if you had those things, would you make it?

OMG, homemade sauerkraut! I would do this, I really would, if I didn't live in an apartment the size of a matchbox where the kitchen is in the living room. One day, though. One day.

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