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January 21, 2009


Those silly Swiss. I happen to think I have excellent impulse control. Why just yesterday I was surrounded by 7 dozend cupcakes from 7am to 10pm. Yes, that's 84 cupcakes. And I only had 4 or maybe 5. I think if you look at the percentages and the period of time I did very well at controlling the impulse to eat them all.

Bittman is behind the times. Jeffery Steingarten wrote about this years ago, and had his brain scanned, and I don't think he changed his eating habits at all.

I think the answer is to eat more pie.

Are the lesions pie shaped? That would explain a lot.

Jess: Yes, pie-shaped lesions with curly pink tails.

adele: Shows how much I know. I don't remember hearing about this before, but it's hard to tell with all the brain damage.

Mary: Four or five sounds perfectly reasonable when the impulse is to eat them all. Why are scientists so judgmental?

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