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January 23, 2009


Good post on Blogher. I hope they pay you really well because I'd rather read it here.

Ali the contrary

The only thing wrong with that video is that it implies there wasn't an edible garden during the Bush years. There is. Sure, it's on the roof instead of on the lawn, but what about the promotion of green roofs? That's eco-happy too. I'm not a Bush-fan by any means, but this seems kind of trivial. If people don't even know about the current garden, will the change being proposed really make that much difference to the general public? Probably not. Sorry for being the cynic on this one.

I'm with Ali - I'd rather read it here. Just publish both places. Anything I post on blogspot also goes to MySpace.

"Victory garden" leaves a bad taste in my mouth. That name is a hold-over from WWII and doesn't apply here today. It's just a garden. Same thing I've planted for over 20 years. Same thing I'll do until I can't do it any more. And, yes, you should try it again. Just don't plant your tomatoes in your roses. It makes picking them hard. ;)

I'm going to put a vote in for: I have no problems reading your posts on BlogHer, but I'd appreciate you continuing to post a link in Food on the Food as well. I don't need a whole article reprint. That way you get paid, I get to read your posts without changing my RSS feed, and everybody wins! Except maybe BlogHer since I'm not inclined to create yet another user log-in for their website. But I'll read their ads if it means I get to keep a dose of Tammy in my life for free.

melch: Thanks for your support! I really appreciate that.

Sally: I have to check the fine print of my contract, but I think they buy first rights. As for the term "victory garden," I guess that name only relates if we're declaring victory over something. Like mediocrity maybe? Or inertia? Anyway, you're right: a garden's a garden. (BTW, there's no chance of me growing my tomatoes in with the roses because all of my roses are now dead. I win!)

Tricia: I'm glad you brought that up. I had no idea Bush had a garden on the roof or anywhere else, for that matter. The video does seem to have glossed over that fact. Guess it wouldn't have had quite the same punch. Anyway, cynicism is always welcome. How else am I ever going to learn anything?

Ali: Gosh, I didn't realize people would feel so strongly about it. What is it you don't like? The ads, the layout, ...? Just curious. I promise to stop bullying people into going over there.

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